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Hypnos: Cotton Origins 8


With a timeless design and meticulous craftsmanship, this mattress offers unparalleled comfort. It boasts generous layers of plush wool complemented by supportive pocket springs. The Hypnos Cotton Origins 8 is thoughtfully constructed using ethically sourced cotton and showcases a single-sided design, eliminating the need for flipping. Its gentle cotton layers and 100% British wool, traceable to Red Tractor assured farms, ensure a luxurious and sustainable sleep experience.

Cotton is cultivated in various locations worldwide, but only a mere 12% of the global cotton production is certified as sustainable. This natural fibre is known for its softness and breathability, effectively diverting heat from the body. Hypnos, in their commitment to sustainability, sources both sustainable cotton fillings and cotton yarn for weaving the damask fabric that covers their mattresses.

Wool, on the other hand, possesses remarkable properties that enable it to regulate body temperature and moisture. It keeps you cool during summer and cosy in winter, while its natural antibacterial qualities make it an excellent choice for mattress materials.

The Cotton Origins collection showcases the combination of abundant layers of cotton and traceable wool. In the Hypnos Cotton Origins 8 no-turn mattress, three wool fleeces are incorporated into each Hypnos mattress to enhance its comfort and quality.

Hypnos takes pride in its meticulously crafted pocket springs, known as ReActivePro™, which feature eight active turns. These springs ensure comprehensive body support, while their Triple Edge Protection™ technology offers edge-to-edge reinforcement.

To provide a safe and naturally compliant sleep surface, Hypnos utilizes an unbleached cotton and viscose blend that meets all furniture and safety fire regulations without relying on synthetic flame-retardants.

The Hypnos Cotton Origins 8 mattress is a no-turn design available in a single tension option and can be customized with a Zip and Link feature. The Origins range is specifically designed to be paired with a sprung divan base, creating an optimal sleep experience.

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Bed Size

75 x 190cm, 90 x 190cm, 120 x 190cm, 135 x 190cm, 150 x 200cm, 180 x 200cm, 150 x 200cm (Zipped & Linked), 180 x 200cm (Zipped & Linked)


Mattress only (height – 270mm), Deep or shallow pocket sprung firm edge divan set, Deep or shallow open coil firm edge divan set, Deep or shallow platform top divan set, HideAway™ divan set, SuperStorage™ divan set

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